How to Create Google AdWords Ads that Generate Traffic

Search engine optimization is a buzz word today, and everyone is looking for a way to optimize their websites for the search engines. Although most of the traffic on a website comes from search engines, there is an easier way to generate traffic using the search engine. This is mainly done through pay per click programs such as Google AdWords. Google AdWords is a more convenient way of benefiting from search engine traffic since the results are based on a combination of search engine and relevancy as well as the number of times you are willing to bid per click. After achieving the first rank in the Google AdWords, the next step is to attract visitors to click through and buy your product through effective search engine marketing .

Google AdWords Ads that Generate Traffic Start with Keyword Research
Just like in search engine optimization, you need thorough research keyword to generate traffic from Google AdWords. There are some google keyword research tools which can be used for this purpose. The only important thing is to find keywords where there is a lot of search volume and less competition

Google AdWords Ads that Generate Traffic Pack Two Lines Full
Google AdWords are often two lines, and therefore, you need to fit as much information as you can in these two lines. Some of the features that you need to fit include features, benefits, and negative qualifiers as well as sufficient information that will attract your clients to click on the link. Besides, the Google AdWords ought to include the primary keyword for your ad in the title and also somewhere else in the text. This will affirm to people that you have exactly what they are looking for.

Google AdWords Ads that Generate SEO Traffic Include Features and Benefits
You need to include features and benefits that appeal your clients to encourage people to click through your Google AdWords. Ensure that you include benefits and features that people like most in your copy. It may be inserted into the headline of the ad to attract more people to read more and then list the feature down along with a negative qualifier.

Google AdWords Ads Should Have a Negative Qualifier
A negative qualifier is an essential for the success of Google AdWords since it helps to differentiate between individuals who are genuinely interested in your product from those who just click through and they do not buy.
It is important that you track your Google AdWords to see what is working and what is not working.

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